Currently, our fleet offers vans, sola and trains that meet the strictest ecological standards Euro 5 EEV, Euro 6 and are environmentally friendly.

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS locators to determine the exact location of your shipment. All DAF trucks have stacking tarpaulins, so they can be loaded from above by crane. All vehicles are brought in for service at regular intervals to minimise the possibility of breakdowns during transport.

All of our drivers have many years of experience in international transport and have experience with different types of shipments such as machine loading, pallet loading, automotive and also different types of materials.

Renault Master Euro 5 - van (2x)

Dimensions (W x H x D):
Car – ? cm x 170 cm x 370 cm
Side door – 130 cm x 175 cm
Rear door – 155 cm x 180 cm

Solo DAF CF Euro 6 - 18t (4x)

Dimensions (W x H x D):
248cm x 285cm x 775cm

Capacity: 19ks Euro pallets (52 m3)
Total payload: 9200 kg
Stackable tarpaulin side + top, XL code, multi-rail, ramp height.

Trailer MEGA - 24t (2x)

Trailer dimensions (W x H x D):
248cm x 300cm x 1362cm

Capacity: 34ks Euro pallets (100 m3)
Total payload: 24000 kg
Lift, 3-sided stacking tarpaulin, XL code, multi-rail, ramp height..

DAF XF 106 Euro 6 - 24,9t (2x)

Dimensions (W x H x D):
Car – 248 cm x 285 cm x 730 cm
Trailer – 248 cm x 285 cm x 730 cm

Capacity: 18pcs + 18 Euro pallets (103 m3)
Car payload: 15100 kg
Total payload: 24900 kg
XL code, ramp height.