We are a family company with more than 25 years of tradition and great experience in international and domestic transport. We pride ourselves on a personal approach to both our customers and our own employees.

Our Philosophy

We strive to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and place great emphasis on the quality of our transport services. We provide professional and complete transport and fulfilment of customer commitments. We also improve the efficiency of the company's development. The company requires its employees to act professionally when arranging domestic and international transportation.

History and present

Jaroslav Marek Transport Company was founded in 1990 and is based in Nové Město nad Metují.

During 25 years of operation we have a great experience in national and international transport. Our aim is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and we place great emphasis on the quality of transport services.

In 2019, MAREK Logistics s.r.o. was founded, which continues the 25-year tradition of the transport company Jaroslav Marek.

Currently, the company provides domestic and international road transport, where it uses its own fleet of vehicles, mainly DAF vehicles, forwarding services and warehousing with logistics. The vehicles are regularly inspected. Tracking systems are installed on the vehicles to keep track of all transports carried out. We are constantly in contact with the drivers, who are equipped with service telephones.

We focus specifically on transports for Western Europe, including Switzerland, and domestic transport. Currently, the company continues to develop according to the wishes and requirements of our customers.

As transport nowadays requires a thorough knowledge of the industry, we follow the latest innovations in order to be able to provide you with precise transport services according to the very strict criteria that are imposed on the transport sector. Our drivers are trained annually.

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Correspondence address

Slavoňov 106
549 01 Nové Město nad Metují

Business premises

Běstviny 24
518 01 Dobruška